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Robolitics is real-time Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting platform providing Cross Asset Class and Cross Regulation surveillance, integrating them into a single platform. We use Machine Learning and AI to reduce the number of false positives and Deep Learning / Neural Networks pattern recognition technology to identify new risks and issues as they happen, rather than after the event.
Reducing the cost of change
Integrates new technologies into your compliance strategy and deliver regulatory & compliance reporting & business insights
Compliance Technology Roadmap
Fast delivery, development and time-to-market
Regulatory Technology Platform Enhancements
Adoption of leading edge technologies
Data Quality & Compliance Reporting
Non invasive approach, minimal infrastructure impact
Extensible platform for additional regulations 
Unlimited online access to real time data

Meet the demands of the regulators

We use the latest technology to improve the identification of real events and allow the compliance teams to use interactive visual tools to understand and use a risk based approach for monitoring your business rather than being buried in an avalanche of false alerts.

Cost effective

Existing products are hard to customise and are tightly-coupled to the nature of the client’s business. Our competitors need major upgrades to meet regulatory changes and are complex and costly.

Our Tiered model architecture and sophisticated data model enable you to respond to changes at the component or robot level rather than needing to rip your business apart to make simple changes.

Not just for the tier 1 banks

Robolitics™ is a scalable solution that enables you to cover one or more asset classes and one or more regulations.  It’s tailored to your business size and operational practices. This supports you in satisfying your regulatory requirements without needing a solution out of scale with your business model.

It’s real real-time and multi asset class

Designed around the drivers of AML / Financial Crime Directives 4 & 5, MiFID 2 and MAD/MAR2, GDPR and KYC On-boarding
Why choose Robolitics Compliance Platform
To understand why your organisation should buy the Robolitics platform, consider the strengths and benefits of our solution versus the limitations of the current market leading alternatives.
Reduction in alerts
Reduction in case time
AI and Machine Learning / Reduce false alert volumes

Robolitics™ uses AI and Machine learning techniques to reduce the number of alerts. Machine learning is especially powerful in eliminating repetitive workloads on recurring false positives. AI is very effective at eradicating false alerts or categorise and cluster issues so that the number of items escalated can be reduced.
OneTouch / Making cases actionable without needing additional data
Robolitics™ surfaces a more comprehensive set of data and provides the the historic perspective of issues simultaneously. This enabling Compliance Officers to complete investigations faster. Additionally, clustering and dip testing can be used to process multiple alerts simultaneously. 

Leveraging your investment

Robolitics™ is a multi regulation monitoring platform exploiting the investment across other areas or compliance, including:
AML & FInancial Crime, Know Your Customer, Global Data Protection Regulations, MIFID II, MAD/MAR and Transaction Monitoring.


Payments Services Edition

Designed to support companies providing payments services and solutions to a combination of retail and corporate customers. Single geography or global markets.

Anti Money Laundering

Real time monitors for standard Money Laundering and financial crime practice providing you with the ability to holt transactions for further monitoring whilst using Machine Learning & Machine Supported Learning.

MIFID II Services Edition

MiFID II edition provides support for Transaction Reporting, Best Execution Reporting, Trade Reconstruction and Costs & Charges reporting in one platform.

Wealth Management Edition

Focused on meeting the specific compliance requirement within the wealth management sector. Capture fund strategies and then to provide alerting.