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20 Birchin Lane +44 (0) 203 006 6405
We're an innovation company...
We take ideas and turn them into real world solutions linked to making finance a safer place to do business in. We are helping to rebuild trust in the financial services industry following the excesses of the last two decades and the banking collapse of 2007 & 2008.

We use our decades of working of the finance industry, our expertise around regulations and our capability in technology to deliver solutions designed to improve monitoring. We use smart Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to search for fraud, to confirm payment are valid, and to ensure you know who you are really making a payment too.

And we do all this whilst cutting cost for finance organisations - so if these companies can save money we all save money.
Practical, Pragmatic, & Creative

Our people bring deep experience to the problem. We've been sat in our client's chair, so we understand the problem from the inside.

This insight means we design and build real usable products and solutions rather than slavishly copying what's gone before with all the same problems.

We also understand how technology can be leveraged as it evolves to solve in creative ways problems that people worked around.  
We aren't limited by technology so why should you be?
Whether we are focused on digital identity or working with a client to create the ultimate tool to search for fraud our focus is the same.

We understand what technology does well, we use AI and Neural Networks and Machine Learning to surface patters and surface new treats as they happen not once it's too late. But despite all the advances in technology we realise we still need people to make the final decision and support you in fixing issues.

In the end we are all about identifying the real problem from the white noise, taking away monotonous tasks and give our clients time to focus on they are good at.
We work in all areas of finance
We work in all areas of finance whether investment banking, retail and wealth management or the new challenger banks and Fintech's.

We create solutions that enable these customers to deliver the level of surveillance and monitoring you would expect from the largest banks whilst delivering the flexibility to respond to change. Protecting these companies from being unconsciously becoming channels for crime and abuse.

…and we do this whilst realising that if they can't afford the cost it's ultimately the client that suffers.