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The current market-leading products produce volumes of alerts, more than most Compliance teams can manage. Of course, these alerts contain a large number of false positives. To add insult to injury, these alerts do not contain sufficient information to be able to properly investigate, analyse and action. To manage the alert, the Compliance teams have to go looking for data in other, external systems. This leads to a case management workflow which is disjointed, cumbersome and inefficient.


Our case management tool provides the compliance officer with all the information needed to investigate and understand an alert in order to close or escalate the case without the need to gather data from multiple systems. Robolitics™ integrates with multiple sources of data to identify risk issues and malfeasance. As a result, we are able to surface and visualise a 360° view of the customer at the point that the alert is opened for review. We support the compliance officer in understanding relationships, presenting data in a visual form and providing enough information to reach a decision and to record and document it.
Alerts Reduction
Robolitics™ technology automatically identifies and categorises alerts against easily tuneable algorithms.  
Machine learning reduces repeat alerts whilst AI can recognise and reduce false positives.
Deep learning also flags new threats faster
One Touch Case Management
Robolitics™ provides a 360-degree, view of the customer including every transaction, email meta data, partners, interactions and previous contact history.
By aggregating the right data and presenting to the agent in a comprehensive view (including recommended responses) we are able to significantly reduce investigation and decision times
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We are able to join fragments of data from telephone and email records, market data and pricing, quotes, and transaction data to provide a comprehensive view of a transaction, and the history of previous transactions.

As a result, we reduce the investigation time significantly and mostly eliminate the need to put the case on hold until further information is available. Even with complex cases. Equally, for the first time, we are able to link transaction and communications monitoring on a single platform, integrating the output from your current platforms to further reduce investigation time.

Customer Onboarding with Dokstor

Improved KYC and On-Boarding processes under AML 4 & 5. Dokstor ensures a common and consistent approach to KYC

AML and Financial Crime

Real time monitors for standard Money Laundering and financial crime practice providing you with the ability to holt transactions

Technology Overview

Robolitics is available as a Cloudera Stack based on Hadoop for high volume and real time mission critical solution with hot failover. A lightweight SQL option is available for smaller enterprises.