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Anti-Money Laundering / Financial Crime is a particularly challenging area of regulation for banks, especially for large, geographically diverse institutions. Current AML solutions generate a lot of alerts, a huge majority of which turn out to be false-positives. 

The challenge is to reduce 98% of false positives and make your Compliance team more productive in identifying real issues.
Thirty years ago, people who worked in financial services were the pillars of the community. Your bank manager might have been a little scary and dull, but he was 100% trustworthy.
However, two decades of extremes have led to an erosion of trust, which has resulted in governments and regulators almost fining the industry out of existence. The industry has responded by throwing people at the problem and now compliance accounts for nearly 1/20 of all people in the industry.  

This overhead is unsustainable. 

The challenge for any senior AML manager is how to reduce the number of false positives and hence cost of their team without multiplying business risk.

Heliocor’s Robolitics™ platform can produce 25-50% reduction in false positives (as demonstrated in tests); whilst also reduce investigation time of these remaining alerts. 

 Over time, Robolitics™ will go “well beyond” these targets.


Robolitics™ has been designed to meet this challenge by focusing on leveraging the best of the old and the best of the newand providing cross-asset class and cross-regulation monitoring of suspicious behaviours. Robolitics™ has been designed from the bottom up to deliver a step-change improvement.  
Simplifies the creation and tuning of rules
Our Robot Development Kit enables you to quickly create and tune your rules, enabling you to understand the nature of your business risks.
Removes repetitive tasks 
Robolitics™ enables the business to better understand the risk and focus their effort where it is most important. 
Cuts investigations time 
Comprehensive transaction data of each alert is surfaced, as well as market information and historical behaviour.
Clusters similar issues 
AI is used to group together alerts, enabling them to be handled more efficiently.
Delivers customer sensitive compliance 
Robolitics™ enables you to tune alert sensitivity to the client risk profile. 
Uses Deep Learning 
Deep Learning identifies new risks and treats n brings them to the attention of the Compliance team.
Proposes best action
Machine Learning helps identify what to do, based on previous responses to similar alerts.
Integrates with your KYC process 
You can model client risk dynamically and automatically depending upon behaviour and transaction patterns.
Definitions of the scope of AML and financial crime vary significantly between institutions and market areas. Robolitics™ contains over 40 out of the box robots to provide high degrees of compliance.

These robots can be easily updated as regulations and interpretations change. The list below describes the areas covered by our AML / Financial Crime Module and some of the individual robots which monitor transactions in real time and look for patterns of behaviour over time.

Sanction & PEP Alerts

Clients, counterparties and transactions against High Risk Countries, Sanction and PEP Lists, and internal "Black Lists" and "White Lists".  Robolitcs™ then use AI and Machine Learning to improve matching and reduce workloads and repeat alerts.

Unusual Transaction Patterns Alerts

Abnormal payment patterns, deposits / withdrawals in the same or similar amounts, rapid movement of funds, significant change from previous average activity, multiple similar payments, single or multiple large cash transactions.

Layering Alerts

Avoidance of reporting thresholds, linked accounts payment, linked transactions alerts from and to the same account, multiple paments to accounts, unusual patterns of originators / beneficiaries in funds tranvfers, repetitive behaviour below limits.

Key Word Alerts

Associated address, multiple recurring external entities, multiple accounts with similar names, unknown remitter / beneficiary names, significant payments, key word alerts e.g. charity organisations.

Unusual Account Behaviour Alerts

Unusual transaction values or transaction volumes, transfers between correspondent banks, transfers between customers and external entities, unexplained wealth outside normal transaction patterns.

KYC-Linked Alerts

Inactive accounts (time elapsed), KYC risk status lapsed, KYC outside mandates transactions, unclear beneficial ownership.

Customer Onboarding with Dokstor

Improved KYC and On-Boarding processes under AML 4 & 5. Dokstor ensures a common and consistent approach to KYC

Transaction Monitoring

Improving monitoring with AI & Machine Learning. surveil across products and asset classes to identify malfeasance with solution.

Technology overview

Robolitics is available as a Cloudera Stack based on Hadoop for high volume and real time mission critical solution with hot failover