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Robolitics™ MiFID II Module can be rapidly implemented within your organisation. A turnkey solution implemented in a matter of weeks, providing the functionality you need to add across sales & trading and back office.  
MiFID II is been described as the biggest and most comprehensive change the financial services industry has ever experienced. MiFID II truly impacts an organisations culture, process and systems. The primary objective of MiFID2 is to increase transparency and ensure a more balanced and fair financial services industry.

MiFID II effects every part of the industry, retail, wealth and investment based business. It impacts all aspect of pre-trade and post-trade functions, calling for greater transparency and better reporting. It is no longer acceptable to bundle or obfuscate cost and nor is it possible to hide behind convoluted processes.
Robolitics™ is a monitoring, alerting and reporting platform. It’s been built around the latest technology to deliver cross regulatory compliance from a single data source reducing the need for replicating data across compliance and report.
Robolitics™ leverages a number of our core modules to provide a technology solution that meets the system side of MiFID II enabling you to collect and report. These include :
  • MiFID II reporting module  
  • Trade capture blotters for voice trading that capture steps in the transaction  
  • Speech to text module for creating search files from voice recordings in order to provide transaction reconstruction for non-electronic trading models.
The level and comprehensive nature of reporting changes significantly under MIFID II.   More data is required and more organisations that were previously outside transaction reporting now fall within the scope of the regulation. 


Robolitics™ MiFID II Reporting Module provides the ability to report the relevant transactions and avoid fines resulting from reporting non-reportable transactions. 
 Our module provides:
Transaction reporting 
Transaction reporting via Approved Reporting Mechanisms 
Costs Allocation 
Automated Transaction Costs Allocation and client reporting. 
RTS 27 & RTS 28
Regulatory Technical Standard reports RTS 27 & RTS 28.
Trade Reconstruction 
Trade Reconstruction (for e-Trading Businesses that are able to capture pricing and quotes electronically)
One of the most significant impacts of MiFID II is its impact on organisations who carry out trading over the phone.   

Clearly for a number of years there has been an increasing need to record calls for compliance reasons. However, organisations who trade by phone are under threat due to the need to be able to demonstrate events in the trade live cycle and show that prices quoted were fair.
Robolitics™ have created a sales and trading blotter for capture of pre-trade events.  This blotter can cope with Multiple asset classes and simple and complex products.  It is designed to capture requests for prices over the phone and ensure a that an electronic trail has been captured.  

This data trail can then be integrated with information from the telephone switch and  internal and external chat solutions from Reuters or Bloomberg to help reconstruct the trade and events leading up to it.
Robolitics™ store native speech files in high quality format so that they can be quickly accessed during review of alerts. In addition our “Voice to Text” module can convert these files into text for monitoring issues and flagging conversations for review reducing the cost of the team whilst increasing the effectiveness of the monitoring process:
  • The module is the most powerful available on the market in use in a number of financial institutions, the UK police and HM government.  
  • Self learning improving over time and can be rerun over historic files as effectiveness improves  
  • Usage of synonyms and homonyms and use of non standard words and phrases can be a great indicator of malfeasance 
  • Ability to categorise conversations as non suspicious can reduce the monitoring efforts by up to 50%.

MIFID Edition

MiFID II edition provides support for Transaction Reporting, Best Execution Reporting, Trade Reconstruction and Costs & Charges reporting.

Technical Overview

Its available as a Cloudera Stack based on Hadoop for high volume and real time mission critical solution with hot failover