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The "Payments Edition" is designed to support companies providing payments services and solutions to a combination of retail and or corporate customers. These customers can either be within a single geography or cover a global market.
In bound and out bound payments are monitored in real time and checked against Sanctions, PEP and Blacklist prior to approval.  Recipients of payments can also be checked, and information requested automatically to ensure that the recipient has been tested according to AML requirements.  

Payments Edition also Identifying unusual transaction patterns, monitor “source of funds” risks and alert if flows through an account become excessive.

Robolitics™ uses Machine Learning to remember previous decision this avoiding repeat alerts, as well as AI to identify and cluster similar items or identify new threat types.
It provides a full on boarding process for clients, monitors transactions and provides AML / Financial Crime monitoring of client account to identify and alert issues. It also ensures that the payment provider remains compliant with GDPR.

Customer Onboarding

Integrating an improved KYC and On-Boarding process under AML 4 & 5. Ensure a common and consistent approach to KYC.

Transaction monitoring

Improving monitoring with AI & Machine Learning. surveil across products and asset classes to identify malfeasance with solution.

Technology overview

Its available as a Cloudera Stack based on Hadoop for high volume and real time mission critical solution with hot failover.