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Its available as a Cloudera Stack based on Hadoop for high volume, real time mission critical solution with hot fail over. Or for smaller transaction volumes as Robolitics™ Classic Running on SQL or MySQL.
Robolitics™. It consists of a number of core elements

Real time, intraday and end of day monitoring algorithms, called Robots.


Robolitics Development Kit (RDK) for creation of new Robots.


Interactive GUI designed to provide an intuitive interface for interacting with the data.


A publish Subscribe Module for external access to data through a Secure API

Extended relational architecture. For small/medium size organizations
  • Up to 20k Transactions per month

  • Up to 10 TB Data volume

  • Focus: Descriptive/Diagnosis analytics

  • Self-service (ad-hoc reporting)

  • High data model extensibility

  • High data quality and consistency

  • Extensive security

  • Reliability and fault-tolerance

  • Reduced cost

Big Data Architecture. For medium/large size organizations
  • More than 20k Transactions per month

  • More than 10 TB Data volume

  • Focus: Predictive AI/Machine Learning analytics

  • Self-service (ad-hoc reporting)

  • Unstructured data processing

  • High data model extensibility

  • Extensive security

  • Reliability and fault-tolerance

  • Low latency (near-real time)


Stack to deliver the six functional pillars:


Robolitics™ is not golden source but integrates with real time systems such as the Core Banking Apps as well as pricing and data engines. 


Components built in Java (as Services) and running in the Apache Tomcat container. Interfacing using Open API protocol as connectivity glue between layers and third-party client platforms.


Components built in Java (as Services) and Javascript + PHP (as UI) to deliver the functionality as Open API Services and Web Application. 


The Workflow engine is a component responsible for executing scheduled tasks. Case management is a proprietary component that can be disabled and integrate a customer Case Management platform, such as JIRA or Remedy, only necessary to provide Open API services.


Components built in Java (as Services) and Javascript + PHP (as UI) to deliver the end user Web Application, including customisation pages, spider graphs, case escalation and a number of executive dashboards.


Robolitics™ can be used as a data source for business reporting as well as a secure source of data on a Request and Publish. This meeting the requirement for PSD2 and front office client performance reporting
Transaction Data Ingestion and Enrichment
Transaction data ingestion is a straight forward process in the Robolitics™ Classic. 

The Robolitics™ data model has been extended to include data specifically related to standard Spot products as well as Options and Exotic Products as well.  The data model is also include customer structure and formatting.  During the initial data mapping process, we also consider the data life cycle (timing of file availability, either real-time, daily incremental archives or full data sets). 

The Service will process customer transactions and apply the necessary mappings to persist into Robolitics Data Model.  The output of the Service is a log file stating the processed rows, errors or exceptions found for manual adjustments
Reference Data Load Service
The service is designed in two ways:
  • To provide access to Reference Data Open API to allow customer directly interaction with Robolitics Reference Data Model.
  • To provide a manual bulk load function to perform single load of Reference Data, overriding the existing data.
Report Data Service
The service provides access to generated reports in order to be consumed by third party systems such as BI products or customer applications. Robolitics™ exposes Reports as Open API Services, the same that are consumed by our UI Web Application and Mobile App.
Alert Data Service
The service provides access to the foundation of alerts detected by the Robolitics™ algorithms configured to run against the ingested Transaction data (INCOMING). The Alert Open API Services are consumed by our UI Web Application and Mobile App, they can be accessed from customer applications as well.
Case Management Service
Robolitics generates cases according to alerts detected and thresholds configured by customer. The cases can be consumed from third party customer applications as they are by our UI Web Application and Mobile App using the Open API Service available.
AML Module
Integration with Sanctions List data sources either in real time or by loading data into the Robolitics repository. Integration with KYC and client list loaded through the optional AML Data Load Service.
Client Data Store 
Can integrate with CRM solutions or can be used as standalone functionality for on-boarding and integrated with the KYC app to simplify the re-KYCing process. This integration is based in the Reference Data Open API specific Client Data functions available.
Trade Surveillance and Payments
Integration with Swift message gateway or FIC payment instructions, typically based on message bus listening for Transaction Messages and loads in real time. This integration might be done in two folds: by the customer invoking Robolitics Open API Services to update payment orders or by developing specific component by Robolitics for the customer.
Workflow & Case Management 
Can be integrated with other workflow solutions such as JIRA or Pega but requires backward integration of results into the data store.