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The "Wealth Edition" is focused on meeting the specific compliance requirement within the wealth management sector. This integrates with the functionality for AML Edition and with dokstor on boarding processes. The Wealth Edition can also be integrated with our MiFID II edition to provide the most comprehensive compliance monitoring solution in the industry.
Robolitics™ can be used to capture fund strategies and then to provide alerting when transactions cause the fund to move outside it strategy.  

It can then support compliance with comprehensive data set to accelerate and support investigations in order to understand whether issue is part of a legitimate strategy or suspicious.
Robolitics™ can also be It also ensures that product and client risk are aligned and stay aligned over time using our KYP tool (Know Your Product).   

The sector traditionally deals with a wide range of clients, from the unsophisticated to the extremely knowledgeable and demanding. Client risk profiles and appetite can be added to the system and product risk profiles can also be updated as they evolve, identifying when product risk becomes unaligned with investment strategy.

Robolitics™ is a sophisticated cross-asset, cross-regulation solution that constitutes the next generation of monitoring, alerting, and reporting using AI to automate analysis and reduce supervisory costs.


Outside the traditional areas of compliance Wealth management include a couple of very specific variances: 
Monitoring Transaction 
Monitoring transaction to ensure that they are driven by fund strategy not cross breaches of Chinese Wall communications and insider information
Product Risk Strategy
Ensuring client risk profiles continue to match the product risk strategy as product risk profiles evolve
High Risk Clients
Monitoring sources of funds of high risk clients auto requesting clarification on alerts.
Cross Regulatory
Complex set of cross market cross asset class and cross regulatory risk

Transaction Monitoring

Improving monitoring with AI & Machine Learning. surveil across products and asset classes to identify malfeasance with solution.

Financial Crime

Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning can transform banking AML process. Reduce the false positives.

Technology Overview

Its available as a Cloudera Stack based on Hadoop for high volume and real time mission critical solution with hot failover.